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Why Should I Hire a Wills Lawyer to draft my Will?

Focus on who to benefit

Not whether your DIY Will is valid. Making a Will involves important financial and personal decisions like deciding who you would like to leave your assets to, who should be your Executor and who would be the guardians to care for your children. The requirements of a Will can be complicated. Much of the wills litigation heard by the Supreme Court in Brisbane involve solicitors trying to prove a DIY Kit Will is valid. Ultimately, a cheap Will kit may well end up leading to Court, costing your family thousands or tens of thousands of dollars more.

Ensure your gifts are valid

Not all property you own can be gifted in a Will. For example, a gift of your share of jointly owned property will fail if you are survived by a joint owner as your interest will pass to the survivor. Another common misconception is that superannuation can be dealt with in a Will. If you don't make a Binding Death Nomination, superannuation law allows your superannuation trustee to overlook your children and give your benefits to a de facto spouse at its discretion. It’s essential you understand which property can and cannot be distributed in a Will. Like TPD or life insurance, you should plan to look after your loved ones. If you are unsure where you stand, hire a Brisbane Wills Solicitor to assess your legal position so you can prepare a plan to protect you and your loved ones from failed gifts.

Know your rights and responsibilities

While you may leave your estate to whoever you want, if you make no provision for a spouse, child (including step-child) or another person who is financially dependent on you, they may contest your Will. Such disputes are extremely stressful for your family, impose a greater burden on your Executor and ultimately leave a smaller pool of assets for your loved ones. With proper estate planning, the of a contested will can be minimized and often avoided. Taken action today to ensure your family is looked after.

Be in charge of your own destiny

We can’t choose when to die but we can choose what happens when we lose our immortality cloak. At Will and Estate Lawyers Australia we take pride in providing complete solutions which don’t leave any questions unanswered. A Will by itself sometimes won’t cover all your needs. What happens if I no longer have capacity to look after myself? How can I tell my children’s guardians how I would like them to be cared for if I’m not around? When you instruct a Brisbane Estate Planning Lawyer you can complete a well-rounded plan including a - Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, Advanced Health Directive, Statement of Wishes and Binding Death Nomination. We can also provide information about making a regular Power of Attorney for business and commercial legal matters. After preparing for the worst, you can get on with enjoying life reassured that you have a plan in place.

What work can a Wills and Estates Lawyer do?



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Contested Will Litigation

Contesting a Will starts with careful assessment of your needs against the resources of the estate. If we believe you have not been adequately provided for in a Will, we’ll take your case on a no win, no fee basis.

First we establish your eligibility to make a Family Provision claim and ensure you comply with the complex procedural Court rules and strict time limits. We will evaluate your current and future financial needs and assess your chances of success. We also defend contested Wills, so we’re used to carefully evaluating the merits of a claim.

Strict time limits apply, so schedule a no cost consultation with a wills and estate expert today.