How our Wills and Estates Lawyers Brisbane can Help

Our Wills and Estates Lawyers have experience with all kinds of will and estate related matters. As a boutique law firm we can offer affordable and fixed fee prices to draft a valid will, for probate, letters of administration and similar matters. For will disputes including family provision applications, we act on a no win, no fee policy. As we personally draft wills, challenge dubious ones and contest unfair ones, we're the right choice if you need to defend a will too.

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Guide: How to Pick the Best Estate Lawyers in Brisbane for your case

Whether you chose to make a will with our firm, or if you select another Brisbane Will Lawyer, make sure they have the experience and skill to protect your estate. Here are 3 basic questions to ask yourself and your prospective solicitors before you spend any money.

Do they have expertise in wills and estate matters?

Or is it just an ancillary service they offer to cross-sell existing clients as an afterthought of another matter? Being the best family or criminal lawyer in Brisbane doesn’t necessarily equate to being the best estate lawyers in Brisbane. We help clients contest unfair wills and defend contested wills every day. In many cases, litigation could have been avoided with sensible estate planning or even a cheap but properly drafted will. We deal with wills day in day out so we know the risks to look out for. Does your solicitor? - Ask them.

Is a Lawyer preparing your will or a Paralegal?

Drafting a Will isn’t glamorous. It’s a job often delegated to a paralegal or legal secretary. Not at Will and Estate Lawyers Australia. A qualified solicitor drafts your will from start to finish to ensure you understand whether there is any chance your will could be challenged, so you have the opportunity to take action.

Are you comfortable with the person you’re working with?

Before we start work, we’ll give you a fixed fee Will quote. We offer a free no obligation telephone consultation with a lawyer so you can get a feel of whether you feel comfortable working with us.

So, what's the Cost of making a Will with a solicitor in Brisbane?

A simple will drafted by a law firm costs $300 - $800. Brisbane wills drafted by an experienced lawyer in our office is $299, or $399 for a couple.

Spending a few hundred dollars on a proper solicitor-drafted Will is one of the most selfless acts you can make. Think about it. You could spend $25 on a cheap will kit or $299 on a will drafted by a lawyer and no one will be there to pat you on the back. Even when you're gone, your family may not fully appreciate that you spent a little more to make their life easier when they get the good news that assets can be passed with a straightforward probate application, or sometimes even without it. It's only when things turn sour - usually requiring litigation - that your selflessness (or otherwise) will be considered.

How does our service compare with other Cheap Wills?

We don't offer the cheapest wills in Brisbane. You can get a Will Kit for that - at your own risk.

We think our service is the best value in Brisbane. As a boutique law firm specialising in wills and estates we can offer personal 1 on 1 service the big firms can't compete with. If you want river views - go with them. If you want a will drafted by an experienced solicitor from start to finish - contact us.

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Will Kit QLD

You can buy a will kit from many places across Brisbane and Queensland. You can make a valid Will using a Will kit. There are three major pitfalls of using a Will Kit:

  1. The kit is generic and may not cater for your needs
  2. You have no legal expertise to warn you about common pitfalls like failing
  3. If you get it wrong, which can be as simple as using the wrong witness or 

While many estate lawyers may secretly love will kits for the lucrative litigation opportunities, we wouldn't recommend them to our family and friends, so we can't recommend them you.